Flexible energy systems  Leveraging the Optimal integration of EVs deployment Wave

FLOW tests, validates and enhances user-centric V2X smart charging solutions and their orchestrated integration into energy grids that deliver flexibility assets to favour additional penetration of renewables and alleviate energy grid challenges.

What is FLOW?

FLOW tests, validates and enhances V2X smart charging through driving patterns of real users on real grids.

  • 10


  • 600

    a year in reduced emissions

  • 1.3

    in saved costs

  • 14%

    local RES increased

  • 4

    RES curtailment avoided

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Our Consortium

25 partners ranging from SMEs, all the way to large Enterprises and Academic institutions

Pilot sites

Project activities are going to take place in a wide range of European pilots

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    Demo sites
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    European countries

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