About FLOW project

FLOW is a Horizon Europe funded project framed in the 2Zero partnership (‘Towards zero emission road transport’).


The transport sector is responsible for 23% of Europe CO2 emissions and systemic changes are necessary to avoid dire consequences of climate change.
For this reason, the European Parliament voted to ban new sales of fossil fuelled cars by 2035 thus laying the basis for an upcoming Electric Vehicle (EV) mass uptake.
This shift in the transport paradigm demands for appropriate solutions to ensure a smooth integration in the energy system.


FLOW delivers user-centric and interoperable solutions to boost V2X possibilities that:

  • Increase in energy efficiency through energy exchange with buildings, vehicles and the grid

  • Foster interoperability of charging infrastructure

  • Decarbonization and stress alleviation of the grid

  • EV flexibility valorization for the whole EV value chain

These highly replicable solutions are deployed in 5 demonstrations (including 2 testbeds and 3 large-scale demos) in Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Denmark and Spain, covering a wide range of applications (for example: V1G/V2B/V2H/V2G, public/private/semi-public, urban/rural/touristic, car/small & medium commercial) to validate and quantify the benefits associated with enabling and valorising EV flexibility, alleviating grid challenges, and fostering mobility and energy decarbonization.

FLOW has arrived to scale up electric mobility as the key driver of European transport!

What will FLOW deliver?

  • Smart charging and V2X integration

  • Interoperable solutions through a wide range applications and Business Models

  • User-centric approach to foster EV uptake through active participation strategies