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Meet our testbed: Copenhagen

Welcome to Copenhagen! In the capital city of Denmark, FLOW will test smart charging across a number of hubs in public and private charging stations. These sites allow for the analysis different consumption patterns, the quantification of the flexibility that can be extracted from each of them, and the testing of price or emissions-based charging or flexibility contracts.
Picture of Copenhagen, Denmark

Meet our testbed: Menorca

Sail with us to the Menorca testbed, an island characterised by high energy demand seasonality, international tourism and increasing EV usage. Here FLOW deploys and validates smart charging and V2G, while developing mechanisms that can effectively balance energy supply and demand with the aim to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure for Menorca, even during periods of peak tourism.
Picture of Menorca, Spain

Meet our testbed: Prague

In the Prague Demo the FLOW team validates how the V2X technologies create local benefits and optimization, using an Energy Management System (EMS), which enables the communication and power flow interface between the building energy system and the public distribution grid. Its main focus is to improve energy efficiency and reduce the operational costs, as well as creating a positive user experience and increased comfort.

Meet our testbed: Dublin

The Ireland testbed optimises the EV charging management system, monitors the energy consumption and impacts on power quality on the charging area in 2 shared parking premises at NUIM (Maynooth University) and UCD (University College Dublin). It also develops and validates an innovative parking management APP to avoid congestion and ensures a smooth EV charging experience.

Meet our testbed: Rome

Get inside Rome’s testbed where FLOW investigates how stakeholders can take advantage of the massive spread of EV charging. This Demo explores benefits enabling the smart charge/V2G services implementation, validating potential flexibility of EV aggregations to maximise the benefits for all the stakeholders. FLOW does so by studying EV users' behaviour and owners’ interest, keeping customer experience and satisfaction at the centre.
Picture of the Colloseum of Rome

Interview to Dr. Josh Eichman - IREC

Josh Eichman is the group lead for Energy Systems Analytics at the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research in Barcelona and the project manager of FLOW. In this article we interview him covering questions on technical and non-technical aspects.

A strong European team empowers users for widespread electric mobility uptake

Discover FLOW’s ambitions, the activities which will be implemented throughout european pilots, the experts involved in the consortium together with the expected outcomes and benefits.