Maynooth University

Role in the project: Maynooth leads the workpackage in EV charging infrastructure Interoperability, cybersecurity and shared data models. Finally, it leads the testbed in Dublin.

NUIM is recognised as one of the leading new universities in the world. NUIM has an extensive track record of participation in Horizon 2020, with over 45 projects. NUIM has an academic partnership with the UCD Energy Institute, who plays an integral part in the energy transition, and with Lero (the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software), who brings together expert software teams in a co-ordinated center of research excellence with a strong industry focus.

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Meet our testbed: Dublin

The Ireland testbed optimises the EV charging management system, monitors the energy consumption and impacts on power quality on the charging area in 2 shared parking premises at NUIM (Maynooth University) and UCD (University College Dublin). It also develops and validates an innovative parking management APP to avoid congestion and ensures a smooth EV charging experience.

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