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The Menorca Demo deploys and validates a smart charge/V2G network in the island of Menorca with high seasonality on energy demand, providing flexibility to DSO and allowing the development of the mechanism to compensate the energy transaction between CPO, MSP and EV drivers.

Picture of Menorca, Spain

It analyzes how all the electrical systems and involved stakeholders can take advantage of the massive spread of EV charging networks. The demo smooths the demand peaks on the grid which can be caused by the seasonality coming from tourism, guaranteeing the supply in all demand scenarios over distribution grid and analyzing the benefits that can be provided by smart-charging and V2X. Additionally, the deployment of chargers’ networks provides a simplified user experience for the EV user which could charge in several places across the island. The solutions demonstrate the value and reliability of these solutions and it could be replicated in bigger territories with similar boundary conditions and establish the pillars for developing the flexibility market.

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Meet our testbed: Menorca

Sail with us to the Menorca testbed, an island characterised by high energy demand seasonality, international tourism and increasing EV usage. Here FLOW deploys and validates smart charging and V2G, while developing mechanisms that can effectively balance energy supply and demand with the aim to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure for Menorca, even during periods of peak tourism.
Picture of Menorca, Spain